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chào bạn! mình muốn hỏi là có phần mềm nào dịch trực tiếp từ eng sang việt không, mình đã thử VNR nhưng không biết thiết lập như thế nào. mong bạn giúp mình!
BrainJuice is an intelligent coffee and tea brewing
machine. The machine is comprised of three main
The hardware placed in company ofces and at the foot of buildings. Each BrainJuice
machine is roughly 1-2m2 in size. The BrainJuice machine only requires an electricity
line to operate. There is no water supply or waste duct required. The hardware will be
outsourced to BrainJuice partners for production.
Mobile App for customers to place orders and conduct
Central Operating System: BrainJuice machines will be remotely controlled by
the central operating system. This Operating system will contain information like
beverage menu, brewing recipe, and users’ drinking preferences