Jesus 13th -Ushinawareta Gakuen- [GD]


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Jesus 13th -Ushinawareta Gakuen-
ジーザス13th -喪失われた学園-

Developer: Xuse
Released date: 2013-05-31
File size: 4.37 Gb
After a war which wiped out more than half of the world’s population and threatened the existence of the world itself, humans have become a bit kinder. Technology innovations from the war and the discovery of new resources helped overcome the scarcity of natural resources. The black ‘wall’ which had risen to the skies has disappeared, allowing people to return to their hometowns and rebuild their lives. This was when Makina was born.

Many years later, Makina came to the elite private school Wadatsumi Gakuen perched on a cliff on the Bousou Peninsula’s large school town Yatoura-shi. He had been personally scouted and passed the entrance examination. Most graduates end up as part of the Amanor Group, which controls almost every industry in the post-war world. He had planned to be a lawyer, until one day he received a letter telling him that the school’s board chairman and his grandfather, David Almatar, had died a suspicious death. As the acting board chairman, he learned about the existence of the chosen ‘pearl princess’, who is to take the sacrament from the witch’s cave. However, many mysterious beings stand in their way.

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