Fuukan no Grasesta [GD]


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Developer: エウシュリー (Eushully)
Official Website: 封緘のグラセスタ
Released date: November 30, 2018
Judar was born in the slums of the Kingdom of Belgarad and enlisted as a mercenary in the war. When it was defeated, he was taken as prisoner by the enemy and sold to the far eastern Kingdom of Gotia. He arrived in the capital of Grasesta, the City of Interception, built upon an extensive underground labyrinth known as the ‘Black Pit’, which contained the remnants of the Demonic Land of Samara. The city consisted predominantly of mercenaries and slaves, who fight in an everlasting battle against the demons.

“In this country, you can become king by defeating demons.”

It may sound like a lie, the current king of nation was a slave who elevated his social position by his own two hands, fighting through numerous battles and ultimately gaining the highest honour and being hailed as a hero.

Even if you become a slave, you should still not lose hope.

Judar was about to take the first step towards freedom by entering the labyrinth when he met a Lilica, a girl from the nobility who normally looks like a small doll due to special circumstances. She was looking for someone to bring her to the depths of the labyrinth. He would be able to moved around easier with someone from an upper social status in tow, so he agreed to take her along out of his own self-interest. Together they set out to explore the uncharted areas of the labyrinth and to uncover the secrets and darkness that lie hidden below.



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