Diabolik Lovers Limited V Edition English Fan Translation Project! We need you!


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Diabolik Lovers Limited V Edition © 2016 Rejet/Idea Factory. All rights reserved.
Notes: This is just a rough fan translation, the patch is in progress and subjected to change.

Diabolik Lovers Limited V Edition is a vita port of the PSP visual novel Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal, with additional story and scenes. The english patch of the game can be play on a jailbroken playstation vita (when the patch is available!).
- PROLOGUE DEMO TRANSLATED BY: Karen, link to her blog here.
- Romhacking by [DC]

So our hacker at viethoagame.com once again helped us extract the text for Diabolik Lovers Limited V edition (Vita port of Haunted Dark Bridal)! So now I’m making this post to recruit people to help translate the game, and 2 reallyy nice Proof readers! Proofread this game is hard, so if you’re REALLY serious about it, please join our discord and apply!

I know HDB already has a mostly full translation ready, but for now my hand is too full with Collar x Malice Unlimited, so I need someone to help me contact translators to get their permission to use their translation for the patch.


- Translators/Contributers/Proof readers: please join our discord! https://discord.gg/NFBvta7

- We need 2 proof readers (REALLY GOOD PROOF READERS!). Preferably familiar with Japanese, are English native speakers, also have knowledge about Diabolik Lovers series is even better! These are the most important position since these proof readers will be the one to decide the quality of the translation.

- We need 1-2 people (should be online as much as possible) to contact translators and get their permission to use the existing translations for the patch.

- We need 2 translators to translate what haven’t been translated (images, information, etc…)

- We need about 5 people with extra free time and can copy/paste the translations into the google sheet, with proper format.

If you can’t help, share this post to spread the words!