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  • My hobby is replaying the games that I like again and again, though XD
    Because I have to think accurately to choose the choice and this always makes me go to Bad Ends...:140: So, recently, I usually use the walkthrough to play games and the motivation somehow decreases :(((( Nah, I want to play more games but this thing makes me feel so exhausted :108:
    Amnesia Crowd is my favorite game so I often replay it once a month XD~
    Because I have to prepare for my school term. Also the playing Otome games is time-wasting and has to use your brain to choose the choices so it makes me tired sometimes :147:
    Poor you. I am going to play Amnesia Crowd again, too XD~ Next week, I have to enter school again, so I don't have much time to play games. You are the same as me :140:
    Ahh, sorry. My mailbox is full but I don't know. Forgive me please :140: Today, when I logged in my Email, I have received the notification that my mailbox is full =((( I'm so sorry....:140:
    Being a promised girl = more reason to end up with Chitoge :v
    If the author draw Shuu seriously, he will take all the spotlight of Raku from the girl because Shuu really handsome :v (you can see how handsome he is in newest chapter)
    I'm not sad that my girl dont end up with someone like Raku. I just sad to watch she crying.
    Ah, as I expect then~
    It's really hurt that I always end up on sinking boats, except if the ship is canon from the beginning or the manga only have 1 couple. So I understand deeply how you feel.
    Chitoge is the winner (not now but she WILL be) . I know it from the start (chapter 1). And the story just come up to the way I thought so I don't suprised even a little. This kind of plot I've seen so much: the hero/heroine and girl/guy B fall in love to each other, girl/guy A is one side love and support them, but in the end, the hero choose girl A.
    Ah, I wonder if you already knew that Kosaki is the promised girl.
    My favorite in Nisekoi is Shuu and Marika, best boy and best girl always have cruse ending.... But I don't like Shuu X Ruri. I don't like Ruri anymore from the chapter she dream that she and Shuu married and after that she don't stop kick/slap/hit Shuu (I hate girl who just hit the other without tell them the damn reason).
    Anyw, do you know Super Lover? (It's BL though, I wonder if you hate/don't like that genre)
    You know, for me everything in this world is adjacent compensation. For exsample, maybe Kotori have a pure personality but deep inside she really lewd and bold somehow xD (like Kosaki Onodera of Nisekoi if you know her)
    My favor's line also Kotori's =)) I can sense that side of her, so lewd but I like it :))
    You can watch some show here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC62UwVGfjRHBjmQD4EJcXYQ
    I highly recommend "Welcome home, dear husband!" one :))
    For Love Live Sunshine, did you know that Inami Anju (Chika's CV) is the one who sang Love Don's OP? Anju-san so cool, I would prefer her like this than what they make her voice become "moe" to suit how Chika is. Why dont they just make a cool char like Anju-san? (I stalk her twitter and find that she pretty cool)
    And they said that Ruby's CV dont suit her char, at first I thoght so but after watch their show, I change my opinion. She's just damn cute just like how Ruby is!
    And here, from 23:08 to 24:14 xD
    My favorite char of Love Live at first is Kotori, but for now is no one. I love the PV Muse back then than Muse anime, they're more mature and they also have my OTP as original ship (such a personal reason...). But I love the real Muse (Muse's seiyuu) the most. At first I watch their live just because they're Muse seiyuu. But after watch their show and stuff, I love them more than their 2D char :3
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