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  • Ask the admin, the one with red nick color, scroll down to the bottom of the main 4rum and click the View Forum Leaders. you should see 3 admins. ask them.
    I have no idea either, maybe because of that box's rule, that moderator is pretty crazy in the head too, so... No need to worry about that. You can discuss LN in those existed topic.
    Group huh, I don't know, I've never created one, sorry :/
    SHE DIED?!
    If this part is adapted into anime, I'll cry for dayssssssss (TT_TT)
    Who preserved her body? I need her back with Ikta please :127:

    Oh, no because I saw that it is updated until Vol.11 so I thought..
    We need more volumes because it have to write about how Yatori revive right : ' )
    LOL that spoiler........ Hidoi senpai (._.)
    hahaha! Oh wikia have the summary? I didn't know about that. Thanks for the link~ : D
    Actually I searched about the LN and I saw a cover of Chamille and Ikta together :92:
    I'm Ikta & Yatori shipper so.. might be one of the reason I'm not really motivated to read the jap novel ~ XD
    Vol.11 is the last volume? no more after that?
    Raigin is such a teaser : P
    Omg omg omg I thought she's just a cute kid who's trying to get things right, no?
    btw where did you read the LN? You read the jap version?

    Aw thank you so much! I'll ask you for recommendations when I'm not so busy.
    until then, yoroshiku, senpai : 3 haha~
    omg should I do it should I say yes? XD XD
    Wait, I don't know, i feel like reading the LN! You finished the LN already? :O
    I think they translated the volume until the anime ends. I'm waiting for them to finish the next volume ($_$)

    Thank you for your recommendations! those are the famous ones right!
    I'll put them in my to-read-list weehee~
    You've read so many LN? : D
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