"...The traces of the supernatural let themselves be found much more often than the educated and the enlightened are comfortable with. From prehistoric times come chimeras that were worshiped by our ancestors hundreds of years ago. Ashes fall on us from the low hanging clouds, dropped haphazardly by the directors of our fate.
...They hide below us, above us and among us, until we turn our sight straight towards their cunning eyes, and then they, having been found, for a moment, become flesh and blood. Then, they die, but, in their dying agony, they tear at the fabric of the surrounding world, which they rightfully consider to be their plaything..."
[Abv. XLII-b. 14]

"The Law means that everything unnatural - everything, everything that attempts to overcome the laws of the world, will inevitably be annihilated by the logic of the world. The disease is just an instrument of this logic. A tool for the inevitable."

"Allow me to remind you that an epidemic of unknown origin has already eradicated a few genuinely distinctive towns in the northern part of the country. The cause and circumstances of these tragic events remain uncertain. There is a lot that we cannot explain yet.
It appears as though the plague has a mind of its own, as if it is driven by some irrepressible will. Why else has no one managed to fight it successfully? Why does it target the most precious aspects of our existence? The Sand Plague picks its victims fastidiously - and the same principle always draws it back to whoever tries to oppose it.
Surprisingly, we've yet to hear a single word from the Powers That Be."
[from H. Orff's internal note]

"[Time], [Nature], [Fate] fall under the same category - they rid people of their responsibilities towards everything that happens around them."

"- It is said that either Karminskiy or Orff was to come.
- You are disappointed?
- No. We expected an inquisitor, but instead...
- An angel descended? No. Perhaps only for you personally, dear Daniil. I am quite fearsome, and you will notice that soon enough. Much blood will be spilled. But I am certain - of this I am much more positive than Karminskiy - that I can limit to only necessary sacrifices."

"Fate is considered blind only by those who it does not bless."

"- This is my role - "the unhappy actor". Basically, in "The Unavoidable Loss" - the classical, shall I remind you, pantomime that the Theater performs for a few decades already - there are no happy masks. There are only the impudent, the fair and the unhappy masks.
- I only saw two masks - the unhappy one and... the impudent, I presume? With the eerily cocky beak?
- You are mistaken. It's not a beak, it's a claw. And no, Bachelor - you saw the Unhappy and the Fair, in other word, the executor. The cocky mask - that's you."

"People won't care about the bloody rivers until they themselves become the source."

"Bachelor (or Reaper/Haruspex).
We decided to write to you because you are not following our orders.
You turned the wrong way.
The last few days you only do things in your way. That is unacceptable. You are ruining the game.
If this letter reaches you, come to the Polyhedron. You shall be granted passage. Go down to the very bottom, shut your eyes and say "Three, Four, Five", and then open your eyes.
We want to tell you something.
Your Masters/Owners."
(deciding between "master" anh "owner" caused me some headache. Given the game's context, "owner" is the correct choice, but "master" creates much more intrigue without deforming the original context)

"The truth is not as beneficial as the maliciousness of its vision." (I couldn't convey the full meaning of this phrase as the original Russian sentence uses difficult terms that do not have equivalences in English)

"When all of your actions are predicted - you still have the freedom to take that action. But when all of your actions are planned out - you turn into a puppet in the hands of a puppeteer."

"It is widely believed that Victoria and Nina are in conflict. Fools are those who try to prove the greatness of Victoria, dressing her in the clothes of a white enchantress that won against the evil witch. Victoria's greatness had nothing to do with that. Naive are those who see her as a kind mother, protecting her children from the terrible nightmare. Warmth and cold, the house and the road, woolen furs and glowing light, darkness and the stars - they, despite representing absolute limits, were nevertheless extremely close to one another. Only with each other could the Mistresses share their cosmic loneliness.

The greatness of Victoria was that she loved her rival much more than she was loved by her. Although she was stronger than Nina, Victoria - the town's protector, had once opened the path for Nina and allowed her merciless truth to prevail."

everything fun.
March 30
Mother Russia



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