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    Did anyone else spend nearly 2 hours trying to register?

    Thank you Maou-sama ^_^ So if I am understanding you correctly, you are going to be so kind as to send me the visual novel later? Is there any information you need of mine? Or anything I can do in return as thanks? If I am misunderstanding though then I apologize and please just disregard all...
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    Did anyone else spend nearly 2 hours trying to register?

    Oh ok, so I was just really lucky? o.o oh by the way, do you know why it says I have made 29 posts but still can't download this one thing that takes 25? I kinda want it since it's Alice in Wonderland related.... sorry to bother you with...
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    [Game] Deemo

    Never heard of this game till now....I have to find a way to play it @__@ it looks so cool
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    Did anyone else spend nearly 2 hours trying to register?

    The only thing I got while registering was a captcha that said to click all the store fronts o.o' what is everyone else getting?
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    Bạn là Avatar của bạn trong VN/Game/Truyện/Film bạn mới đọc/xem/chơi.

    probably a lot of failing and dying, also trying to find a wifey and sore feet from a lot of walking XD
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    Cú đêm

    I guess my reasons are things like I love the peace and quiet late at night and nobody stares at my screen lol As for the materials that help keep me awake, games, movies, anime, cartoons, studying, talking to friends sometimes, or just actually doing something creative like my writings or art...
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    [Game] Shadowverse

    The artwork is so pretty @__@
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    YURI HOUSE. nơi những đóa hoa bách hợp đua nhau khoe sắc. Ver 2.0

    Can anyone recommend a yuri dating sim game that isn't tons of hentai? Something with a good plot is even better, but I at least want to be able to feel like I'm playing a dating sim and choosing which girl I like most.
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    What language do you use?

    If anyone knows basic English I'd be happy to try my best to teach them more if they asked me ^_^
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    Bạn sẽ làm gì vào một tháng hè nóng! tháng 5~7

    If it's hot then the best way to deal with it is cold baths, naps, video games that have cold wintery backgrounds, and lots of icecream! <3 :yay:
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    Bao nhiêu người biết tiếng Nhật trong forum ?

    I know a little Japanese but I wish I knew more and I keep trying to learn. Because of that, a huge thank you to anyone and everyone that posts Japanese games etc. ^_^
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    Thread for foreigners

    Aww thank you <3 I don't know about other foreigners but personally this is my first time in a forum that is predominantly in a language I don't know anything about. I quite like this place so far though even if I feel a little awkward ^_^
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    What language do you use?

    I only speak English fluently but I have been studying Spanish lately and Japanese for a while. I'm also trying to learn basic enough Korean for grocery shopping purposes lol.
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    [Anime] Movie nào nên xem?

    Probably the Detective Conan movies or if you don't mind live action then the Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney movie I saw was awesome. Though they are only good if you enjoy mysteries ^_^' If you don't like mysteries and haven't seen all the Studio Ghibli movies they are always nice.
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    Don't forget to check out all the mods available for it too! There are even pokemon mods and grappling hooks/parkour etc.