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    you from indonesia ?

    you from indonesia ?
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    Discuss Visual Novel here In Only~English

    my first VN is Nekopara, I so like this VN about the art, story, and you know :148:
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    Cơ chế tính lương box Project Light Novel

    I can..... you know, speak english in this web is bit
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    Original Just Because!

    I don't know about you. but I think this anime is not interesting (about the comance). I can see it from the first know, I don't know about this anime now, maybe good romance or dull romance........I don't know. hehehe :148:
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    Original Just Because!

    I drop this anime, I don't know about you...... #my_opinion
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    I'am lolicon, and you ?

    I'am lolicon, and you ?
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    Light Novel Kết quả xếp hạng "Lót chuột này êm ơi là êm!" 2018

    I like monogatari series. this LN have an interesting plot
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    Visual Novel Tiểu thuyết trực quan tháng 11/2017

    [B]I think VN "Yurameku Kokoro ni Michita Sekai de, Kimi no Yume to Yokubou wa Kanau ka" will be my next target I like art and Chara in this VN Tori have an has an art enhancement. when compared with Chrono Clock...... I can see the "Aoi Tori Trailer"
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    Other Blend S

    [B]I think this anime is suitable for lolicon .... like me :p
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    Your favorite VN(English Only)

    [B]My favorite VN is nekopara vol 0,1,2,3 ..... I like the story and comedy part Btw, I'm still waiting for OVA release
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    I'm newbie, your newbie, we are newbie