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    VN Adapt Fate/EXTRA Last Encore

    Since Buddha is already included in Fate universe, perhaps we will get Jesus as another Saver class in the future installment. =)
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    Fate/Grand Order sida trồng đào hội

    Lol this actually just happened during Rider rate up... bring Assassin team and the final boss is Tamamo. Only managed to win because I had Medusa in back slot : 132:
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    Fate/Grand Order sida trồng đào hội

    So how's everyones impressions of this event? Enemies wise, I think Valentine event is easier compared to Saber Wars, but now there are so much currencies to track (class coins and chocolate).
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    Review Densetsu no Yuusha no densetsu

    Oh boy I love this series back when it was airing. Overall I agree with your review, the story and lore is pretty interesting but unfortunately there are no conclusion because the studio didn't continue the series.
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    VN Adapt Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel

    Finally watched Heaven's Feel last Saturday. Animation - really good, as expected from Ufotable. There are some jarring CGI during Lancer fight but overall the animation is superb. Music - usual Kajiura style, but more similar to KnK. Story - i think they did a good job capturing the...
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    VN Adapt Fate/EXTRA Last Encore

    Not a big fan of the character design. The males look OK but females look way too cutesy.
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    Fate/Grand Order sida trồng đào hội

    Gonna pass the next banner (Brynhildr) and continue hoarding quartz for Jalter instead.
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    Fate/Grand Order sida trồng đào hội

    Used 1 ticket from 200 days celebration and got MHX LMAO. Too bad her skills are pretty awful, love her design though.
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    LN Adapt Violet Evergarden

    Just watched the 1st ep. Very nice art/animation (the flying letter at the begininng is beautiful). Music is pretty good too.
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    Original Sanrio Danshi

    First episode and we already get a shower scene, thanks Sanrio.
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    Fate/Grand Order sida trồng đào hội

    Meanwhile those who played US ver still needs to wait 2-3 months for Jeanne Alter...: 201:
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    Các Visual Novel bạn đang đọc [Nơi tự sướng cùng nhau]

    Currently reading Doki Doki Literature Club after seeing many sites recommending it. It's also available in Steam for free so why not.
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    What are the mobile otome games?

    Especially Shall We Date? Can't Say No if you are looking for 'steamier' stories : unghong:
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    [Game][Cygames]Granblue Fantasy

    lol I didn't get Lucifer but pulled the character version aka Lucio.
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    Other Citrus

    It's been a while since I last watched a yuri series, is this gonna be as lewd as Kuzu no Honkai?