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  • Please refrain from hotlinking images from other sites to forum. While it's not that serious of a problem, it does go against general rules of the forum. It may be a little hassle but please upload your images to images hosting sites from now on. A popular and pretty much convenient one is Imugr, you don't have to create an account to use it.

    And one more thing about the above post. It's great that you want to share interesting manga moments to other people but don't you just go around the internet finding photos. It's no problem if you actually read the manga and wanted to share a screenshot of it. I say that because what I got from tracing back the image link is this, which is totally a screenshot from a random manga (as the title stated): https://theglorioblog.com/2013/01/25/random-manga-theatre-30-flower-arrangement-maiden/
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