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  • A little afraid of UtaPri next isntalment. Somewhere I read that there are Boy's love hints in the next games and I don't like that in an otome game. I liked the seniors in the anime, but not sure if I want to try the next game of UtaPri series. About the mature otoge, I have mixed feelings. Somethimes there are good stories and descent heroes, but there are some that are totaly not worth it.
    Now you can speak Japanese so you can understand the contents.
    Kanji is especially difficult. We are looking for review.
    I also took the entire series of uta no prince sama. I like senior class.
    Since senior class appeared in uta no prince sama debut, I was interested from then.
    I'm playing the uta no prince sama All Star now.
    Before I met you, I misunderstood Koibana Days.
    I finished Ritsuto, Takaoka. And playing saotome.
    If I like games, I will try to achieve cg 100%.
    PC games are good for having a translator, but not more than a console game.I
    Onedari ShareMate(a company like Enkan no Memoria),
    Tsukino Hikari Taiyo no Kage, Gin no Kanmuri Ao no Namida, met PC Otome game.
    I was a little shocked.
    I feel good because you know the Cherits game.
    Though I have not tried it yet, many Koreans face the game of Otome through Cherits or Neo Alice.
    You said you couldn't read japanese, when you started playing otome, can you read now? I know too little kajis to say I undertstand the story, but most of the time I get a hold of what is happening. Still when I fiinish, I search for a review to check if I understood corectly. It's easy on the PC - I use an automatic translator.
    Now playing Koibana days - almost finished with Chihiro, then Ritsuto and Eishi, and I'll finish this one. On the PC, when I have the time, is Enkan no Memoria. It's story is surprisingly good, and I like all the characters, including the heroine. Before that I played Uta no Prince-sama Repeat, but only Class A. Somehow I did'n tlike Class S boys in theyr interactions with the other characters and coudn't make myslef to try theyr routs.
    Do you finish all of the heroes in a game? What are you playing recently? And have you tried Cheritz games? (They are absolutely amazing! I loved Dandelion and Nameless so much!)
    I really appreciate that you know about Korea.
    Having a KPOP radio program in Bulgaria is amazing.
    A chef named Mikael is appearing in the Korean cooking program.
    He is a Bulgarian and has a restaurant in Korea.
    Korea is very cold in winter.
    Most of Otome's games are in Japanese.i think you are a good player.
    Korea and Japan are close but different languages.
    I could not read it when I first started playing Otome.
    What games are you playing lately?
    Wow! Hello there! We are really far. I'm glad to talk to you about a shared hobby.
    I heard about the Olympics, that's in the news and sports TV channels. Here Korean TV dramas and K-pop music are very popular. We even have a radio program for Korean pop music.
    I hope you will write me again. >.<
    Аз съм от Корея
    It is the country that opens the PyeongChang Winter Olympics next month, I do not know if you know.
    Bulgaria is famous for its sports and delicious food in Korea.
    Harry Potter's Victor Krum was from Bulgaria, so at first I heard about Bulgaria.
    There are Bulgaris and Domashno yogurt in Korea.
    Domashno is made in Bulgarian because it means homemade.
    We know that Bulgaria is famous for its yogurt.
    We are far away but it is wonderful to be able to communicate in this way. ^5
    Thank you for the Wand of Fortune tips, I will need them.
    If you don't mind, can I ask where are you from? I am from Bulgaria and a little old to play games, that's why am happy to have someone to talk with. If you ever want to fangirl about a game or a bishi - send me a message. We can fangirl together. ^.^
    HaruToki Yasuaki. The story was great
    I cried when played yasuki. he is tone also charming.
    Corda 1 is the best I can hear individual performances.
    However, it is difficult to find a score or catch a fairy like you say.
    Corda 3 is distracted by rhythm games.
    The duration of the Wand of Fortune is 24 weeks.
    It was difficult to play for the first time, but it is okay after that.
    There are a lot of things to do to see love endings.
    To increase your Knowledge, horsepower, skill parameters have to study on weekdays.
    (if you do not study, you will need a supplementary class on the weekend).
    On weekends, you need to perform a mission or date a character.
    I am sorry that I can not move on Saturday.
    In fact, we can only go on Sundays.
    Gifts can be purchased to enhance your character's taste, but only on Sundays.
    I was confused on Sunday because there were many important things.
    similar to Angelique Retour.
    I do not have anyone playing Otome games around me.
    I am so happy to talk with you.
    I played Angelique Retour and Troi with a neighbour. We both loved Clavis. I think everyone loves him. He's gorgeous! Want to play HaruToki for Yasuaki ( I loved him and Yorihisa in the anime, but Yasuaki most of all). And will try it soon I gues. After I finish the last two routs in Koibana Days. I'm glad it workd for you as well. The characters are sweet and I like them almost all.
    I don't have PS Vita either and yes it looks like most of the otoge will be for Vita. Luckily there are many for PSP. I played PSP version of Kiniro no Corda games. First one is somehow harder than 3. Can't catch the fairies on time :(
    People say Wand of Fortue is one of the most hard to play otome games. Is it true? Was it hard for you to get the bishies?
    I'm sorry if I talk too much. (blush)
    thank you for guide I Listen to your words and play again. have fun.
    I worked hard in the garden,the game time October I saw love event.
    my favorite otome game is Kiniro no Corda, Wand of Fortune.
    I still do not have ps vita and I could not do kiniro no corda4.
    ps vita seems to be essential in Otome game.

    my favorite bishi
    TokiMemo GS - Wataru Hibiya,Katsumi Shiba,Tamao Konno
    Angelique - Clavis (he love bgm, black hair)
    HaruToki - Yorihisa
    Kiniro no Corda - Akihiko Kira,
    I'm glad you like Clavis.
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