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  • Hm, You didn't read the summary? It became a battle between Yatori and Ikta. And Yatori protected Ikta. I don't want to spoil too much for you. Read the summary for the details and you will understand. It's truly sad.

    It was Ikta who preserved her body with ice generated by water spirits. Ikta broke down after Yatori died and Chamille changed like a different person. I will just say, read the summary. It's in the wiki. I don't know much after volume 7 but I know spoilers and stuff. So if you want to know what happened after volume 7 just ask me.

    And Yatori's revival is just our, the fan's wish. Don't know if it will happen or not:97:
    I was so down when I learned of Yatori's death.

    Me too. I am Ikta and Yatori shipper. Every YatorixIkta shipper is hoping for yatori to revive somehow. You know her body is still preserved. That's the reason I am still following the LN. Well if we have even a little bit hope. That's fine,right?

    I don't think volume 11 the ending. Where did you hear it?
    No, I haven't finished it and the LN is probably on the 10th volume. I know what happens till volume 7.But...sigh:145: What should I say if you want to read it be prepared. But I still like the LN. Just let me say one thing Chamille got real badass in the later volumesAnd if you want to know what happens next just let me know:60:

    Yeah. I like those LNs. I have read more LNs though. Well,if you have any preference let me know and I can recommend you different LNs:deptrai:
    Shall I give you some sh**y spoilers about Tenkyou no Alderamin?

    And if you don't read LN much but have interest in them. I recommend these very
    I think skythewood is translating Nejimaki. But probably in volume 2 right now. I didn't watched the anime. Do you know what happened to yatori at the end?
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