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    Favourite Hero

    dont judge me, but i have hot for sakamaki laito from diabolik lovers. the way he sweet talk you, his stare, his smile. he is sure something and his my top favorite otome hero
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    otome game incest

    it is actually funny that they really force the ship in fandom. incest aside, pairing ayato with someone that abused him when he was child... noopee :201:
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    otome game incest

    ironically, i'd seen few people in DL fandom especially on tumblr, ship cordelia and ayato, which on my opinion disturbing. mother son relationship is one thing, but most eroge use siblings relationship. which is disturbing too.
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    Recommend Manga With OP Male Protagonist

    it is hard to find overpower main character since some mangaka try to give them as much flaw as they could. but on top of my head is Fushigi yuugi. i think tamahome is fairly overpowered, and their main antagonist is one of the most overpowered character i ever known
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    Favorite otome game artist

    satoi of Diabolik lovers and ozmafia. so beautiful and full of emotion
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    otome game incest

    i've seen some otome games that brings out this issue. so the question here, is it a big NO-NO or it is just game, so chill. example: sakamaki laito with her mother cordelia. i'll be happy if you include other example
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    The Most Overpowered Anime Character You Know

    may also add goku. i think he also overpowered
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    Top 20 Reverse Harem - 1

    i think fruit basket is one of legendary reverse harem. so i gonna put that as number 1. if tsuna is a girl, so reborn would be the most awesome reverse harem i ever love
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    Spring 2017 Anime List

    cant wait to watch all of that :169:
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    Which Anime are you looking forward to for 2017?

    boku no hero ácademia, one punch man 2, code geass
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    Which anime are you watching this season?

    waiting for boku no hero academia
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    Your Anime List

    genre: comedy, fantasy
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    [Game][Nutaku]Kamihime Project

    goshhh i wanna play that