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    13-06-18, 03:47
    i wish so many game were not only for like psvita (i do not have), i prefer games on pc. unsure if that counts for console or not XD"
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    13-06-18, 03:45
    i play both type, but if there is 18+ patch for all-ages game i will usually get XD" i still like all-ages game tho
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    13-06-18, 03:30
    theinksane replied to a thread Seiyuu Bias? in Otome Game
    1, as said by few people above, hino satoshi, and midorikawa hikaru 2, it was very interested to hear hino satoshi as noiz in dramatical murders and as natsuki in ringo ni hachimitsu (blcd of manga) because the character voice are so difference 3, it is not a vn, but i did get interest in ringo ni hachimitsu because of hearing of hino satoshi in dramatical murders
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    13-06-18, 03:13
    theinksane replied to a thread Newbie,新人 in Hướng dẫn
    i am new also and i have no clue what is going on!!! XD"
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