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    Title To Heart - Renewal Package
    Original title ToHeart リニューアルパッケージ版
    Developer Leaf
    Publishers Leaf
    Released 2003-06-19
    Age rating 18+

    - In this game, you play as Fujita Hiroyuki, a high-school student who seems to have more interest in romance than in his studies. In his school there are several pretty girls, and his goal is to be nice to one of them, to make the right decisions when talking to her, and ultimately to win her heart.
    - "Renewal package" re-release based on the original adult version with additional support for Windows ME/2000/XP PCs



    **Nội dung ẩn: Bạn cần số bài viết đạt 0 hoặc cao hơn để xem.**

    File size: 558 MB
    Added Recovery Record 10%
    Password: hako.re

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