Sono Hana ga Saitara, Mata Boku wa Kimi ni Deau

Company: Campus
Game site: その花が咲いたら、また僕は君に出逢う
Release date: September 28, 2018
Akito came to Mahoshi Gakuen as a transfer student and got lost as he walked around the unfamiliar vast campus. A girl with gentle eyes, Yuki, called out to him. She showed him around the school, ending at a flower garden where the flowers were still budding.

“Let’s meet here again when the flowers bloom”

Campus’s latest low-priced game is a love story with a magician. It is said that magicians can only have unrequited love, so there’ll probably be some bittersweet moments along the way. These games are short and Yuki is cute, so why not give it a try.

Needs to use some magic that makes her look less like a 5 year old with water balloons in her shirt.

2.68 GB; 16% Recovery; WinRAR lastest version

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