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    Boku to Kanojo no Gohoushi Dousei

    Company: とこはな (Tokohana)
    Game site: 僕と彼女のご奉仕同棲
    Release date: September 28, 2018
    Satoshi lives together with a housemaid in a Western-style building while his wealthy father is away on business. One day, she got in an accident and was hospitalized. His classmate Shino was at the scene of the accident and felt partially responsible for the maid’s injuries. She proposed that she will take over the maid’s duties until she recovered. That’s how a girl that he was a bit interested in at school ended up being his maid. It was the beginning of heart-throbbing days living together with his classmate.

    This is the second of Tokohana’s Dousei series. There’s an interesting pricing scheme where you can pay an extra ¥12,000 for the protagonist to use your name. Gotta love these games where that girl of your dreams falls into your lap. And she serves you too? Don’t mind if I do!

    Well boobs on the cover gives away this is not the game for me.

    Though I am not convinced the protagonist didn’t sacrifice his maid in some kind of dark ritual to summon the girl he likes to do his bidding. Which may make things more interesting.

    994 MB; 8% Recovery; WinRAR lastest version
    **Nội dung ẩn: Bạn cần số bài viết đạt 0 hoặc cao hơn để xem.**

    Lần sửa cuối bởi vangadi; 30-09-18 lúc 02:16

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