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    Title Iegami Nyoubou ~Zannen Bijin na Byakko to Dousei Hajimemashita.~
    Developer Casket
    Release Date 27/07/2018
    Links VNDB
    Official Website
    The protagonist was entrusted by his parents with watching over his grandparents’ house for a month during his summer vacation while they were travelling overseas. It’s been ten years since he visited the rural village of Toshimasu, which has a population of only around 100 persons. He was bored to death, but soon he met a beautiful lady with fox-like ears and tail.

    “Long time no see, my husband. Do you remember our promise from that time?”

    Ukano was an iegami, a divine spirit that protects the home, and also his wife? So suddenly begins his cohabitation life with an admirable yet doting goddess. Along the way, he finds out about the bonds with others and what he wants to do in the future.

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