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    Title Kimi to Tsunagaru Koi Flag
    Developer Mirage Soft
    Release Date 25/05/2018
    Links VNDB
    Official Website
    This is the first game by Mirage Soft. Due to a past trauma, Yuuto doesn’t have any close relationships with others and before long, he didn’t engage in any relations with girls. Then the tsukumogami Kikyou, who had been sent by the goddess of fate appeared before him, appeared before him.

    “Let me be your cupid”

    Realizing that she wouldn’t back down from her request and won’t leave until her task is done, he asked her to just go out with him instead, thinking that it would trouble her enough to concede. However, she did not have any problems with it and so they became a couple. Since they were now in a relationship, she could not return to the realm of the gods. The only way for her to return would be to form a new relationship which is deeper than the one that they had just created. That’s when he realized that only trouble lies ahead in his future.

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