Official Website: 恋ニ、甘味ヲソエテ
Released date: December 31, 2017 (Comiket 93)
This is the debut work for doujin circle CANVAS+GARDEN, featuring their mascot characters. It was spring break, a season filled with both expectation and hesitation for those who are beginning a new school year. Asaki moved to the quaint town of Hanaousaka, staying at his grandmother’s place, which is also a café. However, the café was temporarily closed since he grandmother had been hospitalized due to an illness. When he was informed of this by his childhood friend Chisato, who he considered as his older sister, he looked around the desolate café and decided to make it lively once more.

He gave the shop a new name, Café Calmera, and renovated the interior to brighten it up. After preparing a new menu and arranging for new uniforms, he began to look for part-time staff. Two girls, Rira and Rishie, immediately came to the café.

“Umm… Would it be OK if we worked here?”

A gust of wind sent a cloud of cherry blossom petals into the shop, enveloping Akari and the two girls. It was a sign of the beginning of a bittersweet tale…

Char trông cute thế


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