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Chủ đề: Azayaka na Irodori no Naka de, Kimi Rashiku [GD]

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    Company: プレカノ (PreKano)
    Game site: あざやかな彩りの中で、君らしく
    Release date: 24/11/2017
    VNDB: https://vndb.org/v21899

    The protagonist transferred into a boarding school, sharing a room with a boy who was in his grade. His roommate was the son of a famous Kabuki actor and also performs as a promising onnagata (female-role actor). However, he found out his secret by accident: he was actually a girl.

    From that moment on, their relationship changed completely. However, he was not the type to take advantage of such a situation, but instead he wanted to help protect her secret.


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