Autumn. When scorching sunlight finally softened. Itsuka Shido was in a cyber world. There is a world of super simulated reality developed by <Fraxinus>. The non-daily life in the cyber world reproduces the daily life of Shido faithfully.
Familiar row of houses along the city street. The characters' faces which he knew by sight. Met in such a world, unrecognized girl.
"To you, I'll ask - what is [love]?"
The advent of artificial spirits irregular that shouldn't have. By abnormalities that occur simultaneously, Shido, trapped in the cyber world.
As for Tohka who came over to save Shido, she got trapped in the cyber world too, in the same way.
And to escape from the cyber world, the action that should be taken by Shido in order to regain the stolen everyday life is only one ──

Date the girls in the cyber world and make them fall for you!?


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